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Welcome in EU 2019 Election Tracking Exposed, an ALEX project

ALEX is a project that aim to provide you a defense strategy to face the digital knowledge era, it gives you the power to outsmarting the personalized algorithms and it gives us a tool to understand the manipulation processes of informations that happen inside digital platforms... read more.

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    Why EU 2019 Elections

    Every day and in every nation, algorithms and platforms affect our decision making process when we access to informations through them. The importance of autonomous and unbiased access to information is never as critical to the democratic process as it is during the electoral process. The digital platforms embodies a new form of power and it is iconic how elections are being positioned as the prize in an ever-evolving battlefields between different groups of political or corporate interest. The use of such platforms for strategic and intentional construction of beliefs is "not just advertising" and the abuses go far beyond innocent misinformation.

    How ALEX works

    ALEX project aims to enabling researchers and citizens to understand the type and degree of influence that social and content platforms have on an individual or groups decision making process. We do this through two steps:

    1. With your cooperation: when you give to ALEX your anonymized data, by installing the browser extension. The more we are, the more accurate our understanding will be, so get on board!
    2. When everybody analyze ideas, concepts and phenomena through the data we collect
    ALEX draws contents from platforms such Facebook

    In first place we have develop a web browser extension (Download it now!) which collects contents that Facebook and YouTube expose to people like you. Complex algorithmic processes attempt to estimate what content is most important for each user, that’s personalization algorithms. They require personal information about you to be successful in micro-targeting and social curation. Our web extension allow you to understand your “personalized treatment”, showing all the content provided to you.

    Platforms feeds you with selected contents

    In second place, with this tool, we collect evidence to empower any citizen in understanding the manufacturing process of collective beliefs through these platforms. Also, looking at the content provided to other people, you can outsmart the personalization algorithms. So that we could analyze the way informations is used by corporations, political interest groups, and foreign powers, in a way that is not necessarily in line with their own values.

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