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Welcome in EU 2019 Election Tracking Exposed, an ALEX project

This is a defence strategy for the digital knowledge era. We want unveil the manipulation processes of information inside digital platforms, and gives you the power to outsmart the personalised algorithms... read more.

Experiment: turn the Facebook algorithm upside-down, in an RSS
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    Why the EU 2019 Elections

    Every day, in every country, and on almost any platform, algorithms that manipulate information influence our decision-making process, for better or worse. The relevance of transparent and unbiased access to information is especially evident when the decision-making process occurs during the electoral process. The digital platforms embody a new form of power that is increasingly attracting political or corporate interest rivalling in the ever-evolving battlefields of elections.

    Platform accountability is a global issue, without a comprehensive solution

    Personalization algorithms are different types of software tools tasked with determining and offering what matters to you given your online behaviour. This is a un-supervised form of power, operating without any accountability or transparency and almost wholly defined by the internal interests of the corporations that run the platforms.

    How to use this tool and data?

    ALEX project enables researchers and citizens to understand the type and the degree of influence that social and content platforms have on an individual or groups decision-making process. We do this through two steps:

    1. With your cooperation: by installing the browser extension you help Alex improve with your anonymised data. The more we are, the more accurate our understanding will be, so get on board!
    2. With your creativity and expertise: by reusing ALEX data to analyse online phenomena, concepts diffusion, and ideas clustering.
    ALEX draws contents from platforms such Facebook

    In first place we have develop a web browser extension (Download it now!) which collects contents that Facebook and YouTube expose to people like you. Complex algorithmic processes attempt to estimate what content is most relevant for each user; that’s the personalisation process! They require personal information about you to be successful in micro-targeting and social curation. Our web extension allows for a better understanding of your “personalised treatment”.

    Platforms feeds you with selected contents

    In the second place, thanks to the tool we have developed we can finally collect evidence of illicit and dangerous online influence and empower all citizen to understand the hidden manufacturing process of collective beliefs that occurs on these platforms. Collecting data allows the analysing of the way information is used by corporations, political interest groups, and foreign powers. Moreover, looking at the content provided to other people, you can outsmart the personalisation algorithms.

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