EU Election 2019

join a collaborative effort to map propaganda and Facebook abuses

We operate to expose how tracking and profiting from user data had a negative impact on society, so that proper political and civil actions can be taken. By installing this browser extension you will contribute in understanding how tracking works. Discover more.

Who should be very interested to become a contributor?

Social scientists

Might stop to struggle with technical complexities and platform secrecy. Our goal is to enable them in testing the impact of personalization algorithms. Follow our page on organize your algorithm test, and compare among peers

Every Facebook user

Represent a unique point of observation of the network. More diverse we are, an more we can collect evidences of deceptive advertising, misleading communication. Also, more diverse is your curiosity, and more variety of usage we can provide. To contribute, install the extension

Whoever knows how to transform data

We have an opendata strategy; our goal is to keep protected individuals but let possible analyze social phenomena. Check it out if you are a developer knowing dataviz, a data scientist or a data analyst.

Political candidates and advertisers

Whoever pay to have a facebook presence, by sponsored content or community efforts, would never understand how the algorithm treat their content. You might believe to be disintermediated but if fact you are not.